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2 : Don't you know, Box It Up, You've got to Box It Up

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

When October turned the corner, I moved my attention to another source of fuel, the food I was eating; specifically, I focussed on what vegetables I was eating. I wanted to steer away from the excessively packaged supermarket vegetables, eat in-season produce, and just see what other options existed.

In theory, I could still go to a supermarket, and just purchase organic, loose vegetables, but I found a few issues with this.

  1. When you’re stood in the aisle telling yourself to buy the £1.50 organic, local, all-wonderful carrots whilst also looking at the 39p carrots that look perfectly fine too, it can be hard to always do the right thing.

  2. Sometimes there isn’t an option to buy loose, and so you have to pick up a condommed cucumber, even when you don’t want to.

So to avoid these situations, at the beginning of the month, I signed myself up for a repeat subscription to a veg box. Easy. Except turns out, there are about 100 different companies offering variations of a Veg Box. So I scrolled for ages, looked at loads, couldn’t decide (because I’m incapable of making decisions), and then gave up. Brilliant.

Nevertheless, my carefully listening phone and the clever marketing people at OddBox caught me. Their sponsored ad on Instagram offered me 50% off my first box, so why not, decision made. Oddbox it was. (Don't worry you can also get £10 off if you follow this link


A little summary: OddBox rescues surplus fruit and veg from farms that would otherwise go to waste because either it doesn’t fit supermarket standards (Supermarkets don’t have wonky cucumber condoms) or they’ve simply got too much of it.

The positives of using OddBox or really any Veg Box option:

  1. Minimal plastic packaging, and the box itself is recyclable.

  2. In-Season fruit and veg

  3. Taste and Look. The fruit and veg were full of flavour, and I loved how oddly shaped it all was - far more natural.

  4. Exciting. You never knew what was going to arrive, and all my boxes so far have been really different.

  5. Great value for money. We opted for the Large Fruit and Veg box, which is just £19.99, and there was loads in there… and I eat a lot of food.

  6. Oddbox donates food to charities fighting food waste and food poverty across the UK, what isn’t there to love?

On top of all these benefits to you, there's a whole host for the planet too.

A few Cons:

  1. Seasonal boxes can be a bit random, and you don't know what you have till it's arrived.

  2. It can be difficult to come up with meals, especially for fruit or veg you don’t eat very often. But, it does encourage you to try new foods and recipes.

  3. Veg isn’t necessarily organic nor local, depends on what company you opt for.

Riverford Organic

I’ve also tried Riverford Organic, and this box has its own benefits of:

  1. All the veg is 100% organic, and all arrives from their farm in Devon

  2. You know what’s in your box when you order it.

  3. My first box came with a recipe book / vegetable encyclopedia, which has become invaluable.

So Many Options... (Don't worry I checked some out so you don't have to)

Organic Delivery Company

100% organic, local produce, and offers the choice of a pick-your-own box, or seasonal set boxes.

Planet Organic

All about organic, natural, and sustainable products, delivers nationwide, and you can order all your supermarket goods from them too.

Abel and Cole

Not only do you know what organic, local goodness is arriving in your box, you can add the rest of your weekly fresh groceries, and they’ll even tell you exactly where all your produce has come from.

Pikt Fresh

100% plastic-free, build your own box or the seasonal box includes your salad too. They also give you the option to offset the carbon it takes to deliver the box to you, or round up your box price, and the pennies go to charitable causes through their own Fresh Republic Foundation.


Local and organic. They also actively campaign for animal rights and support animal welfare charities. They even offer their very own Hen Nation Eggs, from Hens that will live out their natural lives.


100% recyclable packaging, and zero single-use plastic. Create your own box of seasonal fruits, veg, salads, herbs, and cupboard essentials. Delivered across the whole country.


Bottom line, there is a veg box for everyone, and all the subscriptions I’ve found can be cancelled any time, so you really can pick and choose when you do it. It's convenient, fits into any lifestyle, tastes amazing and there are huge benefits to the environment.

Challenge yourself. Order one. I'm sure you will love it, but even if you only do it for a month, every 1% matters.

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