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3 : A Sustainable Christmas

The 6th January has now passed, Christmas trees are back away again, the radio stations have returned to normal, and the Celebration boxes have only the bounty's left in them. So, as we start to remove ourselves from our moulded sofas, and return to normal (covid) life, here's a quick look back at the 25 ways we can reduce our waste at Christmas. Many of these things (*) can be used throughout the year too.

1. Reusable Advent Calendar 2. No Christmas Tree. Instead, decorate a plant you already have or create a DIY one

3. If you simply can't get on board with having no tree, then these are the next best options:

  • Rent a tree from a farm, that you then return to be replanted (Check out )

  • Potted Christmas tree you can replant yourself

  • A real tree (FSC and sustainably sourced) and dispose of it properly (Click Here for all London Boroughs info)

  • Purchase a 2nd-hand artificial tree, or use your artificial tree for as long as you possibly can.

4. Create your own, locally sourced Christmas Wreath

5*. Think about the gifts we're buying

  • Secret Santa - buying 1 big present for 1 person, rather than lots of bits for everyone

  • Purchase an experience or a voucher toward an experience

6*. Energy Saving Measures in the House. Think Smart meters, closing curtains at night time, move furniture away from radiators and leaving the oven door open when you're done cooking.

7*. Spend more time outside, and make sure your heating is off when you're out.

8*. Shop local and support your community

9. Recyclable and Plantable Christmas cards

10*. Reuse outfits, share clothes with friends or find new Christmas outfits in charity or second-hand stores

11. Buy a free-range, organic turkey from a local farm

12. Vegetarian Christmas Alternatives - all the taste, none of the animal waste

13*. Drop round some baked goods, or have them delivered by a local company to say Merry Christmas

14*. Order your Christmas fruit and vegetables from Oddbox Ldn or any Veg Box company 15*. Use eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars (I love these ones)

16. Recyclable wrapping paper

17*. Use solar-powered lights to decorate your home and/or garden, or LED lightbulbs.

18. Use leftover scraps of wrapping paper to create decorative bows

19. What are you asking Santa for? Will you use it? Do you need it? Consider making suggestions to avoid wasted or unwanted gifts.

20*. Save water. Use your dishwasher wherever possible (if you have one), turn taps off when you aren't using them, only put as much as much water in the kettle that you're going to use.

21. Create your own Christmas decorations

22*. Use old scarves, or scraps of fabric to wrap presents

23. Buy eco-friendly Christmas Crackers (Check out Country Living's suggestions)

24*. Leftovers. Leftovers. Leftovers. Eat them till they're all gone.

25*. Use apps such as Olio to give food away that you don't use or is leftover so that somebody else can enjoy it, rather than going to waste.

There you have it, a few changes that were made to make this Christmas a little bit more eco-friendly, and plenty changes that are not Christmas specific and can be done throughout the winter period, and the year.

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