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UnF*cking It

I’ve never dieted before. Not intentionally anyway.

I’ve always been conscious of what I ate and taken up the odd challenge here or there; no chocolate till Christmas; no snacks between meals. However, I’ve been privileged with a mother that (among lots of wonderful things) was a magician in the kitchen, and who cooked us lots of healthy, delicious food. My breakfast as a kid was an apple and a couple of slices of turkey because I didn’t like bread, porridge, milk, basically all normal breakfast items. We had the opportunity of choice and decision making around what food we had. I seem to have genes too that have produced a solid metabolism (for now) - the stars aligned!

The point is, I’ve never dieted before.

The tenuous link I’m trying to get to is that often with dieting you ‘fall off the bandwagon', you have cheat days, or perhaps you just drop it altogether. It's only you that decides whether you get back on the train, or if you don't. But I’d never really experienced that.

Until this blog.

I became uninspired, unmotivated, and just generally uninterested in writing. I then became embarrassed; embarrassed to be talking about sustainability or to return to ‘this blog I run’, so I just kept putting it off. I didn't pick up any more challenges. I was still making loads of conscious decisions and still reading. My life didn’t really change, I just felt like a fraud to go back to it.

More than that, I dreaded anybody bringing it up because I had publicly committed to doing something, which I hadn’t done. I’d embarrassed myself. I was useless.

I’d fucked it.

But turns out, nobody cares. Nobody is judging. Nobody is really paying any attention. The only person that actually cared was me. I had built it up to be this big thing in my head, but the only thing in the way of me achieving something that I wanted to, was me, and my fears.

So now, I’ve unfucked it.

I’m back.

I’ll probably blog lots, and then less, and then maybe more, and then I may stop altogether. Who knows? But for now, I’m here, and sharing my thoughts around sustainability, the importance of 1% changes, and anything I read or watch or listen to. It’s open-ended, there are no specific challenges. Just me, sharing my thoughts and ideas. Hopefully, you can learn a little, and so can I.

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